A Teen With Terminal Cancer Used Her Make-A-Wish Request On A New Scoreboard For Her School

On February 7, 13-year old Jayci Glover and her family decided to leave Salt Lake City, where she’d been undergoing treatment for terminal lymphoma for the past year, so she could finally go home and spend time with her friends. The doctors told her that she might not even make it through the car ride, but she did, and when her family’s minivan arrived in their hometown of Kanab, Jayci was greeted with an escort from the entire town police department so she could see pretty much everyone who lives there wave and cheer her on in her return.

I’ll tell you, we post some serious tearjerker videos on this site from time to time, but this report from KSL news on Jayci’s return is simply on another level.

But the heartwarming story doesn’t stop with Jayci’s incredible smile, because when the Make-A-Wish Foundation offered to make her dream come true, Jayci decided to use her wish for others. Instead of asking to play pogs with Nick Jonas or whatever the kids are doing these days, on Feb. 12, Jayci and her friends and family presented a check for $7,500 to Kanab High School for a new scoreboard for the school’s basketball team. The team’s players all wore t-shirts that read “Fight Like Jayci” and presented her with roses after she made this incredible gesture.

So the next time you kids complain about how mean the media is being to poor Justin Bieber, watch that video about Jayci and her friends, and then don’t ever complain about anything again.