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The Slanch Report‘s reputation for covering the latest in Jewish sporting news is on the uptick after this report of Jews! In! Snow! Eric Sweet and nine of his closest chaverim ascended a snowy peak, for reasons still not really explained:

“We are 10 Jews celebrating not necessarily inside a synagogue but celebrating God and celebrating the beauty of this area as Jews together on the minion board,” said Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn, who was worshipping in the snow.

Eventually, after several spills, they put it all together, and as a group are able to carve their way down the mountain. This is more inspirational than Masada and Channukah put together! Also, I love that the 2 girls, 1 cup, phenomena has spread to the extent that newscasters can refer to it, even obliquely, during their broadcasts, now that’s progress!

There’s video after the jump. I know, I can’t wait, either.

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