Tennessee Fans Still Hate Lane Kiffin

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01.14.11 10 Comments

The Second Harvest Food Bank in Kingston, Tennessee has withdrawn from a fundraiser that is being sponsored by Frontier Firearms because the nonprofit’s leadership believes the theme is in poor taste. That theme? Shooting at Lane and Monte Kiffin bobbleheads. In the wake of the tragedy in Arizona, the Food Bank has backed out due to complaints from area residents, marking the second time in 17 years that the organization has refused a fundraiser, said Executive Director Elaine Streno.

Frontier is still moving forward with the event, charging $5 per bobblehead and the company will give the money to basically any charity that wants it. And as the ED of Burnsy’s Home for Wayward Hot Sorority Girls, I will gladly accept the money for my new Pudding Wrestling Scholarship.

Hold a grudge over a sh*tty coach for me, USA Today:

Frontier Firearms president Brant Williams says he has perhaps 800 bobbleheads of Lane and his father, USC defensive coordinator Monte, and the event will go on regardless of anyone cringing because it comes on the heels of the Arizona shootings.

Williams points out that YouTube is littered with comic explosions of celebrity bobbleheads and said by phone from his Kingston store that, “Nobody is going to leave our range after shooting a Lane Kiffin boobblehead [sic] with a desire to go shoot Lane Kiffin.”

I love that they spelled it “boobblehead” because the word boob makes me giggle endlessly. Williams added that this is just typical sports behavior and that fans have the ability to check their hatred at the door. In related news, people in Tennessee need to move on already.

Local news report about the fundraiser after the jump…

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