Three State House Representatives Are Leading The Charge To Stop Tennessee From Hiring Greg Schiano

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Greg Schiano is reportedly “close” to finalizing a deal to become the new Tennessee head football coach. Schiano, who is currently an assistant coach at Ohio State, has not been a head coach since he was fired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 2013.

Prior to joining the Bucs, Schiano was Rutgers’ head coach, leading the Scarlet Knights to their best sustained run of success in the program’s recent history. However, there are plenty that aren’t happy with the hire for football reasons, but the much louder dissenters among the Volunteer faithful point to the testimony from former Penn State assistant Mike McQueary that noted Schiano and another Penn State assistant were aware of Jerry Sandusky raping young boys and didn’t report it.

While fans will always argue about the merits of a coaching hire on the field, reports that the school was finalizing a deal to hire Schiano caused widespread backlash from the fan base, with the majority pointing to that testimony as the biggest reasons Tennessee couldn’t bring him into the program.

It wasn’t just anonymous fans that fired back at the Schiano reports, as multiple Tennessee state representatives took to Twitter to publicly voice their dissent in the school hiring Schiano.

Former Tennessee standout and ex-NFL player Albert Haynesworth, who has donated a lot of money to the football program, also took to Twitter to note he would no longer support the program in Schiano was hired.

Glenn Jacobs, best known as WWE’s Kane, who is running for mayor of Knox County, also voiced his concerns with the hire, calling for Tennessee athletic director John Currie to reconsider.

A Tennessee fan also painted “The Rock” to let everyone know exactly why they didn’t want Schiano as head coach.

The backlash to the reports of Schiano being hired are incredible and almost unanimous against him. What will be interesting to watch from here is how the university proceeds, and if Ohio State — Schiano’s current employer — is put under pressure by its fan base to do something about Schiano being gainfully employed in Columbus.