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Arian Foster, the Tennessee running back poised to become the Volunteers’ all-time leading rusher, has been troubled by a fumbling problem, talented backups cutting into his playing time, and the Vols’ general suckitude.  So he’s taken the approach of not speaking to reporters.  Unless they speak Pteradactyl, that is.

The Tennessee starting tailback… was requested for media interviews. He had a demand: whoever interviewed him had to speak Pterodactyl, some made-up dinosaur language. No interview was conducted.

It was kind of funny and it fit Foster’s quirky personality. But… 10 yards away, Coach Phillip Fulmer was addressing reporters about his quarterback crisis… It was a national story about an offense looking for leadership. It could determine the fate of Tennessee’s season and Fulmer’s legacy.

“Veeeeek! Veeeeek! Veeeeek!” Foster shrieked.

Yes.  This is precisely the kind of crazy we need from our athletes.  I’m tired of all the Jesus freaks and “I need the ball more” guys and clinical depression cases getting all the attention for being crazy.  I’m not sure how we can get more athletes to act like this, but I’d guess that naming a black guy “Arian” is probably a good start.

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