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Claire Lyte, 29, is a former tennis pro who played at Wimbledon before an injury ended her career.  She quickly established herself as a youth coach, and the Law Tennis Association named her young coach of the year in 2001.  And now she's on trial for having sex with her pupil, a (then) 13-year-old girl.

In October 2005 Lyte and the victim had attended a tennis competition in Yorkshire and decided to spend the night at the victim's home in Merseyside, where they expected the victim's mother to be out.  But the mother returned home and… pushed open the door and found the defendant and her daughter indulging in a sex act.

[…] Despite this, the victim's mother continued to allow her daughter to be coached by Lyte.  She waited until March the following year before making an official complaint to police.

I bet that lady wear her "Mom of the Year" shirt with pride. The girl, now 15, has testified that she was coerced into having sex from the coach's threats.  

"[Lyte] said if I was to say anything to anybody she would hurt me and she would stop my tennis completely and would tell the academy to get rid of me."

Weird.  It's almost like a 13-year-old girl wasn't naturally lusting after a grown woman.  I can't tell if this is sexy or not.  My penis is confused.  Because pop culture has taught me that lesbian sex and teenage girls are sexy, while society has me convinced that pedophilia and rape are bad.  Why can't this story just be a video of two drunk college chicks making out?  That would be a lot easier.

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