Ryan Clark Defends Colin Kaepernick And Wears His Jersey After The Killing Of Another Unarmed Black Man

The whole point of Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the Star-Spangled Banner isn’t because he doesn’t love The Troops or because he hates America — it’s because he reached his breaking point with police brutality, specifically cops murdering unarmed black men.

On Monday, Tulsa police released video of officer Betty Shelby killing Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man whose vehicle had broken down. After Crutcher was shot, officers on the scene offered no assistance for several minutes.

This led to ESPN’s Ryan Clark offering a refresher course on why Kaepernick has been doing what he’s been doing.

Clark makes the point that the Chelsea bomber that was captured in New Jersey on Monday engaged in a firefight with cops but managed to survive, yet Crutcher did not.

This led to a calm and rational exchange of ideas on Twitter, a great place for people of various backgrounds to engage and learn and… just kidding.

On the Twitter troll bingo card, “you just want attention” should be the center square. Yes, a black man being shot and left to die in the streets is the moment Clark has been waiting for so he can interact with an anonymous dude with 11 followers or a guy with a confederate flag as his avatar. It’s a real dream come true for Clark.

It all culminated with Clark making an appearance on the ESPN radio show Mike & Mike this morning in the Kaepernick jersey.

Hopefully this doesn’t hurt the feelings of any cops that may choose to withdraw their services in the Bristol, Conn., area, because the last thing anyone wants in all this is sad cops.