The Cowboys Lost Their Home Opener On What May Have Been The Blunder Of The NFL Season

Associate Editor
09.11.16 6 Comments

All the Cowboys had to do was get into field goal range for Dan Bailey and odds are they would have beaten the Giants. Dallas was down 20-19 and driving down the field during its home opener against New York, and considering how Bailey is one of the best kickers ever, odds are he would have converted the field goal if he was given the opportunity from a spot on the field within his range.

The good news was they did that by getting the ball to about the Giants’ 41, which is a long field goal, but Bailey has the leg to convert from that distance. The bad news was that Terrance Williams forgot to go out of bounds to stop the clock. Unfortunately for Dallas fans, the clock slowly ticked down before Dak Prescott got the chance to spike the ball, and the Giants spoiled the Cowboys’ home opener, 20-19. It was a heartbreaking way to lose to anyone, let alone a division rival. It’s a long season, but it may be hard for Dallas to get the taste of this one out of their collective mouths. This very well could be the single biggest blunder of the 2016 season, and it happened in Week 1.

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