Terrell Owens Will Be On The Next Season Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Get your popcorn ready: Terrell Owens is ready to dance again. The best wideout eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and somehow not inducted into said Hall of Fame is headed back to television to do the thing that made sportswriters dislike him in the first place: dance.

Owens will appear on the 25th season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, the network announced on Tuesday. Owens will join with dancing pro Cheryl Burke, who partners with Owens as he tries to best the competition when the show begins on September 18. The show’s couples have been announced one by one so far, with Owens and Burke’s pairing made public on Tuesday morning.

The two then appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America to talk about the upcoming season. Though Owens is certainly no stranger to footwork and dance moves, the couple was measured in their appearance.


“It’s going to be a challenge,” Owens said during the GMA appearance. His partner noted that Owens has never danced before, but that’s obviously a bit of a misnomer. Owens’ touchdown celebrations made him infamous, and though he has no formal training it’s the athletes that often do best on this kind of show.

While I personally think Owens should include a gold jacket in every dance routine to mock the old people keeping the man with the second-most receiving yards of all time out of the Hall, it seems Owens will look the part rather than be extremely petty.

No word on whether Owens will include Sharpies, buckets of popcorn, or snow angels on the Cowboys Stadium turf into his routines. But here’s hoping.