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I've been out in Hollywood. It can be a fun time, if you're cool with $9 beers and you're on the list to get in somewhere. There are hot girls and the weather's always nice, which are nice things. However, I don't think I'd fly there for one night of partying, which is what T.O. and some friends did

Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens celebrated his 33rd birthday in style Monday night at the Hollywood hotspot Shag. Owens and teammates Akin Ayodele, Kevin Burnett and Abram Elam flew to California after practice Monday for the festivities. Among the confirmed guests were Matt Leinart, Edgerrin James, Javon Walker and Jevon Kearse.

Jeez, I know Tuesdays are an off day or a light day for most NFL teams, but aren't there, you know, clubs in Dallas? Is Hollywood really that special?

These are rhetorical questions, of course. Everyone knows that T.O. just needed to make his quota of headlines this week. Headlines are like oxygen for him. That's why he drops every third pass, just to make sure the discussion stays lively.

And good to see Matt Leinart out and about the week before his start against the Seahawks. Live it up, Matty. Your drinks are on me this week.

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