Terrell Owens Is Bad At Basketball Now, Too

10.24.12 5 years ago 11 Comments

If the film White Men Can’t Jump taught me anything, it’s that you should never take a Puerto Rican woman on Jeopardy! for granted and people in California take their street basketball very seriously. In fact, if you’re ever hanging around anyone from the Venice Streetball League, no matter what they look like, you probably shouldn’t accept a challenge to play one-on-one, because you will lose.

At least, that’s the lesson that unemployed wide receiver Terrell Owens learned recently, when he was hanging out in a gym and confronted by Venice legend Mani Love, who stands just 4’5”. Love was looking for a little one-on-one action with the man whose most notable recent news includes begging the New York Jets for a job via Twitter and living life according to a Maury Povich script.

As for the challenge, it went down a little like this…

Mani Love: “Terrell, wanna play one-on-one?”

Terrell: “I don’t wanna do it to you dawg.”

Mani Love: “You don’t wanna do it to me? Or you don’t want it done to you?”

Terrell: “I don’t wanna do it TO you.”

Mani Love: “Provin’ it, isn’t just saying that.”

Terrell: “I’m not underestimating you. You’re underestimating me.”

Mani Love: “Not at all. I want a game. I’ve seen you play so I want a game.”

And Owens reluctantly accepted, leading to a one-on-one matchup that featured an almost 2-foot advantage for T.O. So how did he approach what seemed like an obvious slaughter on his end? He shot jumpers. Meanwhile, Love owned the lane and made Owens look like a complete chump. Say what you want about Owens in this video, but I think he was trying his hardest, which means that even in a meaningless pick-up game, he’s got nothing left but half an ass.

At least Owens was humble about it and gave Love the credit he deserves for defeating the former NFL star. According to TMZ:

But one person who was at the game tells us … Mani pulled off the upset victory with a tie-breaking shot from waayyyyyy downtown … ending the game 15-14.

After the game, T.O. couldn’t have been more gracious in his defeat … saying, “I loved it. He had me grasping for air a couple of times.”

He added, “Don’t believe the height … little man got game.”

Then a dozen NFL scouts burst through the door and shouted, “YOU’RE HIRED!”

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