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It's just come to light that Chargers safety Terrence Kiel got busted last month for urinating outside a club in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter. You may remember Terrence Kiel from such run-ins with law as "I got busted by the Feds for selling cough syrup for $200 a bottle to people in Texas so they can make 'lean'." So it's good to see him scale things back to simple misdemeanors with the local police.

Some columnists/moralists will inevitably pass judgment on Kiel, saying that he's a bad example to our children for urinating in public. And they'll be half-right: he's a bad example for getting caught urinating in public. For those not familiar with the Gaslamp Quarter, it's the one part of San Diego that tries to maintain some kind of club scene that enforces rules for attire. It's a haven for the city's delightfully low douchebag population (note: I mean the East-Coast breed of gelled-hair douchebags, not the new strain of Incubus-looking beach bum douchebags the West Coast is producing).

ANYWAY, take it from me: the Gaslamp is generally ill-suited for outdoor peeing: few alleys and no quiet side streets. Your only option is a good parking garage. Really, the best places to do your public urination in San Diego — other than in the ocean when you're at the beach — are the quiet side streets of Pacific Beach and behind liquor stores near the stretch of strip clubs that extends from the Marine Depot to the airport. Ummm…. that's what I heard, anyway.

This has been a With Leather public service announcement.

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