12.13.06 11 years ago 3 Comments

FOX's NFL crew, which every week brings us the unbridled jackassery of Terry Bradshaw tempered with the self-important smugness of Joe Buck, had one of its finer moments this past Sunday.

Buck noted one fan near the Fox outdoor pregame set cooling her face with a beer can after being hit by a football thrown by analyst Terry Bradshaw.

That's terrible, right? The dumbshit ex-quarterback sporting the bald mullet jacks a woman in the face, and she has to ice it with a beer? Surely Buck — most famous for castigating Randy Moss after pretending to moon the crowd after a touchdown catch — would scold Bradshaw for his negligence? Uhh…

"Now we know how Terry has to meet women."

Oh. Ha ha. Oh that's hilarious. I didn't realize Buck was a comedian. Join me in laughing with my brow furrowed and my lower lip jutting out. Ha. Ha ha. 

I don't understand why gay magicians have to get attacked by white tigers, while Joe Buck and Terry Bradshaw go on living happily without ever getting mauled. It just doesn't seem fair.

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