Terry Bradshaw And Fox Played A Mean Prank On Everyone With A Shirt Stain

Terry Bradshaw, Fox and Tide all played an elaborate prank on the Super Bowl audience on Sunday. Bradshaw did a cut-in for Lady Gaga’s halftime show and appeared to have wing sauce on his shirt, which led to the internet laughing about it. How could this dummy get caught on TV with sauce on his shirt? What an idiot.

Instead, during the next commercial break, it turned out this was all part of a bit for a Tide commercial and everyone making jokes (or writing a blog post) about sloppy Terry Bradshaw got bamboozled.

This is a low point for me personally as I feel like I got got by Terry Bradshaw, which is just embarrassing. I have to hand it to Bradshaw and Tide, they played this well and it was effective. People were definitely talking about and joking about Bradshaw having sauce on his shirt and it played perfectly into the ad.

The casting was especially effective because I would truly believe that Terry Bradshaw would be smashing wings during the game thinking he had time between pre-game and halftime and got caught off guard by a mid-game cut-in. Instead, it was us that got caught off guard by a brand. I see you, Tide.