Cleveland Manager Terry Francona Found A Tooth In His Chewing Tobacco Before Game 3 Of The ALCS

10.18.16 1 year ago 4 Comments

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Remember when pitcher Trevor Bauer of the Cleveland Indians had to leave Game 3 of the ALCS because a cut on his finger was bleeding through a band-aid and all over the place? It was gross and not that long ago, so it should be fresh in your mind.

Did you know that Bauer wasn’t the only person on the Indians at less than 100 percent? Manager Terry Francona revealed Tuesday that he was making crucial decisions after losing part of a tooth before the game, according to Jordan Bastian of

My three takeaways from Francona’s story:

1. Chewing on something and feeling part of a tooth in your mouth is probably a top-5 nightmare of mine. I would not have managed that night. I would have screamed bloody murder in the dugout and let my bench coach handle Game 3.

2. Some dentist? He called this person some dentist? Terry, this dentist got out of bed and met you at their office and popped your tooth back on at 1 a.m. Maybe a plug, huh? At least mention the guy’s first name.

4. Francona curses a lot.

There’s a bad #pleaselikemysport hockey meme floating around today that features Bauer coming out of the game because of a cut and a hockey player staying in his game with a cut on his face. Maybe we can do a new one where Francona manages with a missing a tooth and that’s also something that happens in other sports, but who cares just like the sport you like and leave your memes to yourself.

(Jordan Bastian on Twitter)

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