Texans Are Renting Out Their Guns, RVs, And Stripper Poles For The College Football Championship Game


Oregon and Ohio State will meet for the National Championship on January 12th, and chances are if you haven’t reserved a place to rest your beer helmet already, you’ll find there are scant few vacancies in the Dallas area to rent that week. But, fear not — this is what Craigslist was invented for (this and “strictly plutonic” relationships, of course).

Texas residents have been listing their properties within driving distance of the AT&T Stadium, and there are several opportunities that sound homey and convenient, like this one for only $400-a-night:

This package includes VIP pick up and return from DFW airport (extra if flying into Dallas Love Field), transportation to and from restaurants, and transportation to the game itself. I will drop you off as close as we can get to the stadium (you may have to walk a little bit) and pick you up when the game is finished as well. This saves the aggravation of finding parking and paying insane amounts to park.

If it’s a traveling soirée you crave, then look no further than one resident who is renting out their RV for $250 a night with the caveat that you need to be ready to “PARTY.”

TMZ reports that a penthouse, available for $1,000 a night, comes equipped with an inflatable mattress and a stripper pole, because nothing says “I make it rain,” like a blow-up mattress. Yet, nothing comes close to the $7,500-a-night casa that includes “horseback riding, duck hunting, 2 shot guns, and a weight room.”

Don’t quote me on this, but if someone flies into an alcohol-fueled rage when their favorite team loses the championship, it’s probably not a great idea for them to have access to a shotgun.

via TMZ