The Texans Dressed Up As Characters From ‘Dodgeball’ Before Facing The Broncos

The Texans entered Sunday with an 8-4 record, sitting in first place in the AFC South. Houston has reached this point due to the excellent play of Deshaun Watson, but he’s, of course, had help from his defense. The Texans defensive crew has helped keep positive energy throughout the Houston organization and one of the ways they’ve done this is through pre-game costumes.

The linebacker group dresses up before every game, but it didn’t really gain much attention until their huge matchup against the Patriots when they dressed in SWAT uniforms. This could have been a disaster for the Texans because if they had lost it would have been memed into oblivion. However, the Texans defied the power of the internet and managed to pull out a win.

So what did the Texans break out this week? Inspired by a cult classic movie, the Texan linebackers dressed up like the characters from Dodgeball.

What makes these costumes great is just how in depth the players get. They could have just worn dodgeball uniforms and called it a day, but they went the extra mile and brought in actual dodgeballs, put their names and numbers on the jerseys, and even had someone dress up as coach Patches O’Houlihan. This is just all around excellent attention to detail by everyone.

As long as the Texans keep playing football we should continue to get costumes. If you’re a fan of these then you should hope that they make it to the Super Bowl so we can see what they plan for the NFL’s biggest stage. It will certainly be something spectacular.