Apparently My House Has Been Relocated To SEC Country

What you’re looking at (courtesy of Jason Kirk at SBN by way of may be one of the greater moments of trolling in college football history. Texas A&M is the only non-Big 12 major program in Texas, so they want everyone to know that Texas is now SEC COUNTRY … including Austin Texas, home of the University of Texas Longhorns. That billboard sits on the north side of I-35, just before you get to Tinseltown (which non-Texas bloggers hilariously think is a city, and not a crappy movie theater).

Now, I’m far from a native Texan and my love of local college football comes almost exclusively from ‘King Of The Hill’, but this monstrosity is and will continue to be upsetting to a pretty sizeable chunk of my Facebook wall and therefore must be stopped.

A couple of quick realities for anyone seriously upset by this:

1. The billboard is in Pflugerville, which is not exactly “Austin”. Saying Pflugerville is Austin is like saying Rockville, Maryland is Washington D.C. If they put a billboard on Guadalupe, then yeah, we’ve got a problem.

2. 27-25, so who gives a shit?

Regardless, UT should counter this by putting a big YOU PLAY IN THE SEC, NOBODY WILL CARE ABOUT YOU IN TWO YEARS billboard up in College Station.