Apparently My House Has Been Relocated To SEC Country

08.10.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

What you’re looking at (courtesy of Jason Kirk at SBN by way of may be one of the greater moments of trolling in college football history. Texas A&M is the only non-Big 12 major program in Texas, so they want everyone to know that Texas is now SEC COUNTRY … including Austin Texas, home of the University of Texas Longhorns. That billboard sits on the north side of I-35, just before you get to Tinseltown (which non-Texas bloggers hilariously think is a city, and not a crappy movie theater).

Now, I’m far from a native Texan and my love of local college football comes almost exclusively from ‘King Of The Hill’, but this monstrosity is and will continue to be upsetting to a pretty sizeable chunk of my Facebook wall and therefore must be stopped.

A couple of quick realities for anyone seriously upset by this:

1. The billboard is in Pflugerville, which is not exactly “Austin”. Saying Pflugerville is Austin is like saying Rockville, Maryland is Washington D.C. If they put a billboard on Guadalupe, then yeah, we’ve got a problem.

2. 27-25, so who gives a shit?

Regardless, UT should counter this by putting a big YOU PLAY IN THE SEC, NOBODY WILL CARE ABOUT YOU IN TWO YEARS billboard up in College Station.

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