Texas A&M Has Rolled Out A 12-Pound Hot Dog, But Is It A Sandwich?

Texas A&M opened up their new Kyle Field facilities and concessions to the media today, giving the press a preview of the renovations that will make the stadium one of the most impressive in the SEC. Among the new features are impressive club and suite level seating that offer special amenities to those dishing out the cash to enjoy games there.

Included in those special offerings is apparently a 12-pound hot dog dubbed the “Aggie Dog.” Yes, 12 (TWELVE!) whole pounds. While it may not be ideal for a casual in-game concession (you’d probably need a forklift just to get it back to your suite) it’s still pretty impressive. You probably need to see it to believe, so go ahead, witness it for yourself:

The Aggie Dog is a creation of David Picou, Executive Chef for Aggie Hospitality at the university, who apparently specializes in food monstrosities so outrageous that they may even scare football players away. He should work on naming his Frankenfoods, though, as the Aggie Dog doesn’t exactly encapsulate the pure havoc I imagine this thing would wreak on anyone who tried to conquer it.

But I guess when you manage to pull off something like this, you can name it whatever the heck you want. Except a sandwich. Don’t call a hot dog a sandwich. A hot dog is not a sandwich. A hot dog is a hot dog, even when it’s 12 pounds.

(Via Good Bull Hunting)