Texas Put A Bunch Of Cutouts Of Matthew McConaughey In Its Stadium For Saturday’s Game Against TCU

Fans in college football stadiums is a weird sight to behold right now. Amid a global pandemic that has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths in the United States and hospitalized the commander-in-chief, many college football teams have tried to find ways to make their stadiums look a little more full beyond the handful of fans they’re allowed in, per their state’s various health and safety guidelines.

One answer that Texas football tried to pursue on Saturday afternoon is a whole bunch of cardboard cutouts, a la what we’ve seen a number of baseball teams do with fans of their squads. The Longhorns decided to add a little twist to the whole thing, though, by making the cutouts pictures of various roles held by the program’s most famous fan, Matthew McConaughey.

McConaughey, a native of Texas, is a fixture at Longhorn football games, having shown up on the sidelines — both at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium and when the team has had road tilts — numerous times over the years. That opportunity will not be afforded to him again any time soon, and as a result, Texas tried to find a solution to that issue ahead of Saturday’s game against in-state rival TCU. Still, even if he’s not there physically, he is certainly there in spirit.