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It seems like just a month ago that I was depressed by the existence of the Redneck Games in Georgia.  Well, fire up the Zoloftmobile, because those Redneck Games inspired Texans to host their own Redneck Games.  And good times were had by all, with thousands of revelers either participating in or watching such noble events as the "mattress chuck" and the delightful "butt-crack contest."

By the time the latest Redneck Games ended Sunday, more than 54 arrests and citations had been issued on charges ranging from public intoxication to speeding…Officials are considering charges against the organizer and landowners where the event was held.

"I'm an old fuddy duddy and all that, but you got a vehicle, you got alcohol, and you got illegal dumping, and you're making a contest out of that?" said Lt. Pat McWilliams, sheriff's spokesman. "We are very fortunate that we didn't have a fatality."

Yes, I totally agree.  If by "fortunate" he means "unfortunate."  And by "fatality" he means "cleansing asteroid strike."

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