A Texas High School Football Player Ran On The Field And Hit A Referee After Being Ejected

The high school football playoffs are underway around the country, producing some wild highlights and, on Thursday night in Texas, a scary scene involving a player and a referee.

Edinburg High School’s Emmanuel Duron was ejected from their playoff game against PSJA High for a late hit on the quarterback and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and after the referee announced the ruling, the defensive lineman sprinted onto the field and hit the referee before his coaches and others could get to him.

Duron was escorted off the field by police, who reportedly did not offer any comment on the incident after or any potential charges in the immediate aftermath. The referee who was hit was carted off the field and underwent evaluation for a concussion and possible shoulder injury, per Andy McCulloch who was covering the game.

It is a reprehensible act by Duron, who McCulloch notes is one of Edinburg’s best players both as a defender and as their primary kicker and punter. Edinburg would go on to win the game, 35-21, but they figure to be without Duron for what one would think would be the remainder of the playoffs no matter how long they continue. No matter what the frustration was with the decision to eject him, it’s entirely unacceptable to run on the field and hit the referee and hopefully the referee was not seriously injured in the incident.