Texas Tech’s Defense Ripped The Ball Away From Texas And Scored A Crazy 100-Yard Touchdown

11.05.16 1 year ago

It always seems like something weird happens whenever Texas Tech plays. For example, during Saturday’s game against in-state rival Texas, the Red Raiders stripped a Longhorn running back on the goal line and took the ball 100 yards for a touchdown.

Texas running back D’Onta Foreman straight up dragged a bunch of dudes as he was making his way into the end zone. There was a huge scrum, and it looked like Foreman was going to get pushed in for six.

But Texas Tech’s Douglas Coleman managed to strip the ball away from Foreman right before the Longhorns scored. He then sprinted down the field, and while a Texas player was able to get to him, it wasn’t before Coleman got into the end zone and scored. Among the other weird things on this play were that one Red Raiders player ran over an official (although it didn’t seem like he was being malicious)…

…and Coleman pretty blatantly stepped out of bounds, something that the officials missed when rewarding Texas Tech a touchdown.

The officiating crew is probably going to be in some trouble for this one, but even if Coleman got called out, this would have been an amazing play.

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