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Earlier this week TNT revealed that for the first time, NBA players would play a game of HORSE during All-Star weekend.  Except the problem was, horses weren’t gonna pay them any money to play the game.  Those stupid animals aren’t even a corporation!  Enter GEICO.

Sports are often made for TV. And TV is made for advertisers. So it shouldn’t surprise — especially as all sports are scrambling to find new places to hang “for sale” signs given the current economy — that the NBA’s first H-O-R-S-E contest won’t use those letters.

As that contest joins dunking and three-point shooting contests as part of TNT’s NBA All-Star Weekend coverage, the as-yet unnamed three contestants — who’ll be overseen by an NBA ref — will play G-E-I-C-O. As in the insurance company that will be the event’s unavoidable sponsor.

No, that’s a great idea.  Maybe they could just get rid of the NBA players altogether.  Have the lizard and the two cavemen play the game.  Shit, just play commercials for half an hour.  Maybe see if they can stamp “GEICO” into the dump they’re taking on my childhood memories of the game, too.

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