That Personalized Jersey May Be A Bad Idea

It’s been just over 6 months since the city of Vancouver showed the rest of the world the ugly side of sports, as thousands of pissed off, brain dead sociopaths ransacked their city under the guise of being Vancouver Canucks fans upset that their team lost in the Stanley Cup Finals. The result was hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to local businesses and city property all because they’re the angry youth and they’ve had it with the man or whatever. I assume Hollywood North isn’t what Time Magazine had in mind when it named “The Protester” the Person of the Year.

But I’m not here to rehash a city’s shameful night, because much credit is due to the Vancouver Police Department, which handed down another 80 charges on 20 more rioters yesterday, bringing the grand total to 80 rioters arrested for 215 charges. And Les Yeo, head of the riot investigation Mounties, says this is far from over.

In the new year, police will launch new strategies to increase the volume of people visiting the investigation team’s rioter identification website.

“My message to rioters who think they have got away with their crime is, more arrests and more charges are just around the corner,” Yeo said.

(Via The Province)

But lighting up the Interwebs over the past 24 hours has been the tale of one unnamed rioter, who might just be the biggest moron in all of Vancouver, if not Canada.

According to police, the Blaine resident found himself in front of a store being looted on the 700-Block Granville just after 10 p.m.

“Like many others, the accused broke into the store and stole a number of items,” police say. “Unlike many others that night, [he] allegedly had his surname emblazoned across his back on a hockey jersey.”

That’s why you never use your real name on a custom jersey. For instance, all of my custom jerseys just have the nickname “Baby’s Forearm” on the back. It’s just common sense.