That ‘Shaq-Fu’ Sequel Is Funded Thanks To People With Too Much Extra Cash On Their Hands

As you may recall a sequel to 16-bit, uh, classic Shaq-Fu, recently hit Indiegogo. Shaq and the fine folks at Big Deez Productions promised they were going to do a fantasy-themed fighting game starring Shaquille O’Neal right this time dammit, although honestly everything about the campaign made the new game look more or less as goofy and shoddy as the original. But hey, how could you not give multi-millionaire Shaquille O’Neal your hard-earned cash when he’s bringing this kind of salesmanship?

The campaign for Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn ended last night at midnight having raised $473,000 towards a goal of $450,000 so yes, this s–t is happening.

Now, here’s where things get interesting — somebody noticed that Shaq-Fu 2 didn’t actually have that many backers. Around the same number (if not fewer) than many failed crowdsourcing campaigns. The difference is that the few people who backed Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn backed it big, donating hundreds if not thousands of dollars. With most crowdsourced games, most of the money comes from people donating $10 – $30, but Shaq-Fu actually had below-average numbers of people donating to the lower tiers.

Did Shaq just call up all his wealthy basketball and celebrity buddies and ask them to chip in a thousand bucks for his stupid game where he fights ninjas and they all did it, because what the hell’s a grand to a guy in the NBA? Kind of seems like it. Or maybe there’s just a contingent of nerds with seriously rose-colored glasses on who would pay anything for a new Shaq-Fu? If so, you just funded the sequel to this guys…

…[golf clap].

via Destructoid & GoNintendo