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International track officials are asking South African sprinter Caster Semenya, who won gold at the women’s 800m event at the world championships in Berlin, “Semen in ya?” You can’t find humor like that anywhere else; maybe that’s a good thing. Anyway, some people think she’s a dude, especially after her vast improvement from a year ago. And, uh, her physique certain doesn’t help sway suspicion that she may be, in fact, a “he.”

The IAAF’s general secretary, Pierre Weiss, who replaced Semenya at the medallists’ news conference, said an investigation into her gender was under way in South Africa and Berlin, pointing out that the IAAF had allowed her to compete, giving her the benefit of the doubt.

“But one question is clear,” Weiss said. “If at the end of the investigation it is proven the athlete is not a female, we will withdraw the result of the competition today.” He added it could take weeks before a conclusion is reached. via.

The questions were flying after Semenya posted an 800m time 16 seconds better than her effort from last year. And even though she may have consumed a suite of performance enhancers during that time, I doubt that she grew a penis. That said, I wouldn’t put anything past those limey pricks in South Africa entering a male in a female event. If you can keep Nelson Mandela locked up for 200 years, what would stop you?

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