The 10 Best Vicious Football Hits You’ll See This Week: Kids Edition!

Here at With Leather, we’re suckers for some good violence, between Brandon’s love of wrestling and my appreciation of a good football to the groin. But we don’t always get to catch all of the best stories and videos of the day, because we’re so busy trying to balance blogging and teaching MMA to toddlers. It’s a pretty hectic life we lead. But thankfully I have a lot of friends who have young kids and are starting to introduce them to sports to fill my email inbox with stories and videos of their kids dropping balls or spinning in circles. They keep me pretty grounded.
Of course that led me to exploring the YouTubes the other day for funny pee wee and child football league clips and I discovered what we basically already knew – parents are monsters. First of all, I know parents think their kids are the most awesome kids in the world, but that doesn’t mean they have to post 10,000 videos of their kids with each video claiming to be the most amazing play in pee wee football history. Secondly, kids aren’t very bright when they’re young. They can’t quite understand the complexities of football plays, so yelling at them about lining up properly or running routes doesn’t really register. You might want to stick to the basics.
Thankfully, out of the hundred or so pee wee and Pop Warner football videos I ended up watching this week, there were a few that had some quality entertainment values to them. Please note, that I’m not condoning violence in child sports – because there were a few videos I could have included but I’m not a monster so any that resulted in injuries or crying have been left out – but it is pretty funny watching kids tackle each other. Enjoy!

(Hat tip to Bro Bible.)

Loses points for use of “Bodies” by Drowning Pool.

Bonus points because that was a girl that made the tackle.

Actually, that kid may be Andy Reid.