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OK, here's the hard-hitting, in-depth 2007 NFL Draft analysis for which you've been clamoring.  My team drafted really well, and your team didn't.  All of my favorite club's draft picks will evolve in to twelve-year veteran superstars, and your favorite squad's picks will wash out in Training Camp.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but my smidgen of Dutch ancestry allows me to expertly evaluate human beings based solely on their potential physical talents.  For less insightful analysis, see Deadspin, or Football Outsiders, or the NSFW blog of your choosing.

Oh yeah, the Oakland Raiders traded Randy Moss to the New England Patriots for a fourth round draft choice.  Will this work out for the Belichick and the Pats?  Um, because I don't want it this gamble to succeed, I predict Mr. Moss will have a career year.  Read all about it as Len Pasquarelli awards the gregarious Coach a M.S. in Chemical Engineering or is it a Ph.D. in Alchemy from the Royal Magic College of Hyderabad.  It may be a party magic college, but it's still a doctorate in team chemistry. -KD

Assistant Editor Note: Look for more expert Draft examination from the Chief tomorrow.  And view Comment 196 on this Draft Preview to catch a glimpse of the Ghost of Al Campanis – racists suck.    

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