The 2011 NFL Draft Starts Tonight

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04.28.11 4 Comments

Lobster Dog was just as shocked as anyone when the Houston Texans selected Mario Williams.

Originally, I was going to put together a first round mock draft to pretend like I had any clue how the 2011 NFL Draft was going to unfold and thankfully I talked myself out of kidding myself. Besides, all I have time to do is worry about the Miami Dolphins selecting Christian Ponder with the 15th pick tonight. Seriously, if that happens I will fully endorse the lockout until he’s old enough to retire. But that’s the fun of the NFL Draft – speculation, worrying, complaining, crying, protesting, cursing, stamping feet, blaming girlfriends, threatening lives, hoping players are hit by buses. You know, all the best of the “in good fun” stuff.

Instead of making predictions so you all can call me wrong – or more wrong than usual – or trying to outbest the best in mock draft coverage at Kissing Suzy Kolber, I figured I’d collect the latest and last of the big first round rumors before this little fun party begins.

Cam Newton offered contract by Carolina?

Now, roughly nine hours before the Panthers are on the clock, rumors are starting to surface (via Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post) that Carolina has already “unofficially outlined contract parameters” with Newton and his agents.

This is about as shocking as news of a Khloe/Lamar sex tape in 2014. Carolina’s owner loves Cam, so pencil this one in.

Raiders looking to trade back into the first round?

There have been some rumors about them trading up into the first round if Colorado defensive back Jimmy Smith begins falling.
Of course, rumors around the NFL draft are just that … rumors.

Hey Raiders, if you want to have a first round pick so badly, maybe don’t give it to the New England Patriots next time. K? Thanks.

Cowboys and Rams talking first round swap?

More talk of the Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Rams making a draft day swap for picks #9 and #14. Naturally, it’s from the Cowboys’ perspective, but it is still something to consider.

I’m not a Rams fan, but being from St. Louis I follow the team and everything I’ve read says they’re not interested in moving up to draft Julio Jones, which I can’t believe because he fits a major need for them, but that franchise ain’t exactly a shining example. As for the Cowboys, their rumors have been everywhere. Today’s latest had Jerry Jones talking to the Browns, Bengals and Broncos about trading up as well.

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