The 2011 Pole Dancing Championship

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05.03.11 5 Comments

Over the weekend, 11 women competed for the 2011 U.S. Pole Dancing Championship, otherwise known as the most important championship in the history of anything. Sure, there’s no nudity involved, but if we keep supporting it and encouraging these ladies, then we might just get them to take those tops off. Crank some Buckcherry, DJ!
Kidding aside, this year’s championship went to Natasha Wang for her artistic tribute to the film Black Swan. Unfortunately, it was not for my favorite scene.
According to the USPDF website, Natasha’s prize package includes:

$5,000 from the USPDF (Ed. – presumably not in dollar bills)
Flight and accommodation (up to 7 days) to Sydney (AUS) to perform at Miss Pole Dance Australia 2012 from the USPDF
Exclusive USPDF/X-Pole Tour 2011:
All expenses paid by X-Pole, including liability insurance
Escorted by Stacey Pope or her assistant on the tour
6 days of instructing workshops where she will receive payment per workshop
Tour dates will be arranged after the US Pole Dance Championship 2011
Duration: 2 weeks in the UK/Ireland area

I will gladly volunteer my services if Natasha needs a chaperone to the Australian championship. Brazil also. Throw in Sweden, Venezuela and Samoa (don’t you judge me) and I’ll pay my own way.
After the jump, I’ve got a few news reports with highlights from the event, as well as a gallery of past competitors that you should probably close your office door while viewing.

(Banner via Quain Photo)This is the CBS News report about how these women believe that pole dancing is a legitimate art/competition because they’re not strippers. They’re not taking anything off, so it’s art. Whatever, I have an imagination. You can also catch part of Natasha’s routine about 1:40 into the video.

Here’s another news report about the championship event, including an interview with Natasha. And after this you’re on your own with photos from last year’s championship, so make sure you clean up after yourself.

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