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16 Beautiful Photos From The NHL Winter Classic – They should bring the Winter Classic to Texas and play a game on the roof of our Whole Foods Market, or at least be forced to wear sweaters when its still 75 degrees outside in January. [Buzzfeed]

The Cowboys Season Ends In Exquisite Cowboys Fashion – Gonna be watching that Romo gif all day. It’s like something from Baraka. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

5 Reasons We’re Looking Forward To The “Watchmen” Prequels – This is the worst idea since the Tom Hanks remake of Ikiru. The problem with modern comic writers is that they absolutely cannot let anything stay good. [Gamma Squad]

The Highest Grossing Films of 2011 – I’m pretty disappointed in all of us that The Smurfs made 140+ million dollars and further validated their stupid “everything has to be updated to modern times and take place in either New York or Los Angeles” thing. [Film Drunk]

Mase Allegedly Skips Out On $35K Unpaid Jewelry Tab, Gets Sued – Mase … you know ain’t nothing changed but his debilitating limp. [Smoking Section]

Man Named Omar Little Arrested in Baltimore – This is probably the best story of all time, if only for the thought that ‘The Wire’ is real, and happening concurrently to our lives at all times. And if Omar can get arrested, that means Bodie is still around! [Warming Glow]

Child Actors: Then & Now – These lists are always fun and exist for two reasons: 1. To remind us how hot Punky Brewster got, and 2. To remind us how hot Budnick from Salute Your Shorts did not get. [Buzzfeed]

Adult Swim’s Top 600 People – I can’t wait until these lists get comprehensive enough to include me. [Adult Swim]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jay-Z – Number 11: he thinks “green berets” is pronounced like it’s spelled. [PopCrush]

Snoop Dogg to appear on The Price is Right, be the guy who always bids $420 – Drew Carey to host The Price is Right, be that guy who stands around with weird hair and laughs in a weird, unlikable way to himself the entire time. [FARK]

Ring in the New Year with 15 of the Most Slamdamntastic Dance Scenes in Cinematic History – That’s it, Pajiba, you’re grounded from creating adjectives for the rest of the year. [Pajiba]

Eight Very Realistic Movies About Parenthood – Or, more specifically, eight very realistic movies about lower upper class white parenting. This is not my childhood experience. Steve Martin never had to parent somebody in section eight housing. [Unreality]

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