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BADASS UPDATE: Thanks to Machochip for uploading the video like a REAL American. 

I wanna say one thing before I get to this video, and that thing is this: Hey, people who upload videos onto YouTube then disable the option to embed the video, FUCK YOU.  What makes you so fucking special?  "Oh, my video is too sacred to appear on any other site, la la la, look at me I voted for Nader because I oppose the two-party system."  You're fucking assholes, you know that?  And you're forcing me to learn needlessly complex HTML skills that I'm going to forget in twenty seconds.  Die in a fire.

*exhale*  Much better.  That said, this video is pretty amazing, even if clicking on it sends you over to the YouTube page instead of keeping you in the confines of With Leather's handsome gunmetal and blue borders.  It's the '86 Dodgers rocking out in almost as many satin jackets as a section of Yankee Stadium in April.  There's Orel Hershiser, and, um, that black guy?  Pedro Guerrero, maybe?   I can look at the roster and try to pick out players all I want, but all I can see are those jackets.  They're going to haunt my dreams.  Which is good.  I could use a change from Uncle Larry.

[Inside the Dodgers

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