The Air Sex World Championships Is Making A Documentary (And I’m In It)

If you’ve enjoyed contributing money to millionaire Kickstarter vanity projects by folks like Rob Thomas, Zach Braff and Rob Liefeld (no, seriously, Rob Liefeld is doing one of these things), you’ll LOVE giving money to millionaires who matter: the bizarre human beings behind the Air Sex World Championships are making a documentary.

With Leather is all about Air Sex. They’ve brought me in as a judge a time or two, been featured onstage alongside folks like David Cross and-or Henry Rollins at Fun Fun Fun Fest, and the act of “f**king nothing” once made Howard Stern get all shifty on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ It’s a real thing, and more importantly it’s a real weird and funny thing, and it deserves a non-fiction film project.

Here’s their fundraising video. If Air Sex skeevs you out, perhaps you’ll enjoy the smooth baritone of The Internet’s Brandon Stroud bookending the trailer. Yes, I’m writing in third person now. Brandon is. Whatever. Check it out:

If you’ve got a few extra bucks and want to contribute to the perverse, impossibly-enjoyable dream of some talented, bonkers individuals, stop by the Kickstarter and throw in. Some of the perks are terrifying and great (private Air Sex show!), and most of all you’ll be contributing to the continued padding-out of my Internet Movie Database page.

Thanks everybody, and enjoy the fake f**king.