The Alabama Basketball Troll Went Linsane

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02.21.12 4 Comments

You may not know Jackson Blankenship by name, but you’ve definitely seen him by now. He’s the heckling Alabama basketball fan with the bitter beer face mug and the oversized copy of his face that was recently caught behind the basket, tormenting University of Florida players. He’s a simple man with simple goals, according to his Tumblr profile:

Top ten things I want to get involved with in college (no particular order)

10. Making viral videos

9. Producing an album filled with awesome yet strange music through Garage Band

8. Selling / Buying stuff on eBay

7. Going on an obscene amount of trips

7. Learn to count

6. Attempt stand up comedy

5. Meet Conan O’Brien

4. Join a band and play at least one bar show

3. [Over Four years] see every MLB team play. Even you, Toronto Blue Jays.

2. Make a short film

1. Dominate some intramural sports, yo.

Last night, Jackson made the big time as he donned a new York Knicks “Linsanity” t-shirt and he sat behind the basket with his trademark face sign during the Knicks’ 100-92 loss to the New Jersey Nets. And cementing his new celebrity fan status is a visit to the Today Show this morning. Somewhere, cigar-smoking golf fan is weeping.

As an added bonus, a guy named Jordy Appel also scooped the Today Show on the first big interview with Jackson (I assume they’re friends) which quells my demand for a window into the mind of this strange new character.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of Al Roker doing his impression of Blankenship:

(Banner via Soup Soup; UPDATE image via MSNBC; thanks to RoboPanda for the video tip.)

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