12.03.07 11 years ago 17 Comments

For reasons that I'll never fully understand, some people still really love college football. As you certainly know by now, the BCS national title game is set for January 7th, and it's going to be Ohio State-LSU.  Who will lose?  Can Les Miles's foolhardy in-game decisions overcome the Big Ten champions' massive deficit of talent?  Tune in to the sports section the morning after to find out!

The other BCS bowls (FUCK YOU BOWL SPONSORS) look like this:

  • Rose Bowl: USC versus Illinois
  • Sugar Bowl: Georgia versus Hawaii
  • Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma versus West Virginia
  • Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech versus Kansas

At least I think those are the BCS bowls.  They sound familiar and have familiar-sounding teams, so I think that's right.  Not like it matters.  Oooh, a BCS bowl!  Does that mean the teams in it have a chance at the national title?  No?  Oh.  So… remind me what the point of the game is again?  Making money for the athletic program?  Wow, how inspiring.  Go team.

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