11.02.07 11 years ago 22 Comments

As I'm sure everyone already knows, the Beach Soccer World Cup begins today in Rio de Janeiro.  It's the kind of thing you circle on your calendar and eagerly wait months for.  How can you forget the slogan?  Beach soccer!  No really, it exists!

Unfortunately, it looks like TV coverage in the States will be iffy :( so you'll have to make do with this expansive gallery of beach soccer cheerleaders.  Which really is probably better than watching beach soccer anyway.  I mean, beach soccer.  God, they actually televised a pro beach soccer league back in the '90s.  I only remember because Andrew Shue was in it, and Melrose Place was a big deal.  Oh, how naive we all were!  Where have you gone, Courtney Thorne-Smith?  

Oh.  That was supposed to be rhetorical. 

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