The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 8/1/13: We’re Not WCW! Here’s A White Hummer

08.02.13 5 years ago 76 Comments
Tito Ortiz Impact Wrestling


Pre-show notes:

– Oh God, I wrote another Impact report. Regular Impact columnist Danielle Matheson is currently en route to a Wrestling Is Awesome show in Maine, so I volunteered to fill in for her, because I hate myself. You may remember what happened the last time I filled in. It was not pretty.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER REPRINT: If you like Impact Wrestling and are not familiar with me derisively name-dropping it in the Best And Worst Of Raw column, please know going in that Impact not a show I enjoy or watch regularly because it fills me with crazy rage and doesn’t have Daniel Bryan or Mark Henry around to bring me back down. Please excuse me if I incorrectly identify story points, move names or the like. I keep up with Impact via Danielle’s report, and even that makes me go FFFFFUUUUUU at my computer screen.

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Here goes nothing. The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling for August 1, 2013, is after the jump.

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