The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 8/8/13: It Can Indeed Rain All The Time

08.09.13 5 years ago 35 Comments

Hello! I’m back from the east coast, full of wrestleswoons and froggy swoons and basically all sorts of wonderful feelings that are the opposite of everything this episode of Impact made me feel. A few things:

-If you missed any of the Wrestling is Awesome/Wrestling is Art podcasts over at The Mandible Claw, I highly suggest heading over and getting caught up. Frank O’Rourke, Jervis Cottonbelly, Green Ant, the Estonian Thunderfrog…it’s basically a who’s who of Danielle’s Favourite Wrestledudes.

-Wrestling is Art has two great shows lined up this weekend, so if you’re anywhere in the area I sugest heading out. Seeing as I can’t travel 2500 kilometres every weekend (boo!), you should go, cheer your butt off, and have a whole lot of fun while seeing some great wrestling. It’s worth it. And who doesn’t love Jervis? Seriously. Tell me so I can point out all of the reasons you are a total crazy person who should stop hating joy and love Jervis Cottonbelly.

-Brandon was nice enough to cover last week’s report, so if you missed it, go on and get caught up.

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This week on Impact: I don’t know. I don’t have all the answers. But I do know that a show happened, and *mumble mumble mumble trails off…*

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