The Best And Worst Of WWE Extreme Rules 2014

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Worst: The weeLC Ring Announcer

Say what you will about the spectacle of WWE having little people wrestle with miniaturized furniture as an excuse for them to go LOOK AT THESE WEIRD HALF-PEOPLE over it, but the true low point of the Extreme Rules pre-show was the weeLC ring announcer.


Where did they find this dude? He couldn’t even call Hornswoggle Hornswoggle, he called him “horn waddle.” It’s like he’s never spoken out-loud before. Did they build him in Frankenstein’s lab? A miniature version of Frankenstein’s lab? Does dwarfism shrink your brain? Was Hornswoggle like, “hey, I appreciate you giving me a pre-show match. By the way, my stupid cousin Jeff needs a job, he’s got a third grade education but he can stand up straight, maybe we can make him the ring announcer.”

Actually, while we’re at it …

Worst: Let’s Give A Worst To Everything About The weeLC Match That Isn’t The weeLC Match

My working theory is that weeLC was built around how stupid and worthless WWE thinks little people are, so when they were tasked to find four little NPCs for the match, they found the four most brain damaged, least ready-to-be-on-television little people in the world. It’s like they scooped them directly out of a petrie dish and dumped them at a novelty announcers table at ringside.