The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 8/14/13: Hug It Out

Pre-show notes:

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– This is the third episode from the set of tapings I attended live. I’ve got a weird perspective on these episodes that makes me 100% not pay attention to anything the announcers are saying, so if Regal quoted The Smiths to ice burn Alex Riley or whatever, I probably missed it.

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Best: And Then Paul Frickin’ Heyman Showed Up

As I mentioned in the pre-show notes, this was the third episode from the set of tapings I attended live. Big E Langston, AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler had been announced, so they weren’t a surprise. Antonio Cesaro’s been on NXT pretty regularly, so him showing up was cool, but also not a huge shock. I’d seen Seth Rollins milling around in the parking lot before the show, so while the ENTIRETY of The Shield showing up was unexpected, I knew something was up. But seriously, when Paul Heyman walked out onto the NXT stage from out of nowhere, my heart went WOOOOSH and grew 300 sizes, and I turned into that chattering, clapping little boy I tend to become when the wrestling shows are awesome.