The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 6/25/12: A Pretty Good Reason To Shout 'Yes'

Pre-show notes:

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Anyway, please enjoy this week’s Best and Worst of WWE Raw column for June 25, 2012. SID shows up and it rules.

Best: Vickie Guerrero Is An Awesome GM

I fly the Vickie Guerrero flag a lot in the Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column, but she ended up handing in such a good line-up card that even Jerry Lawler had to stop stammering about wandering navels for five seconds and give her credit. It was everything a WWE Board Of Directors could want from a Raw — a spotlight match featuring the WWE Champion to jerk the hell out of a curtain, a number one contenders match, a Divas battle royal and a big 20-minute spot right in the middle for John Cena to ramble about f**king nothing.