The Best And Worst Of WWE Smackdown Live-Blog 12/9

Believe it or not, A.J. wrestles professionally in addition to standing still for photos!

The Best And Worst Of WWE Smackdown live-blog adventure experiment returns to Friday nights this week, and aside from a few choice moments of people going OH MAN YOU AREN’T GONNA LIKE THIS to me on Twitter I’ve managed to avoid spoilers. Be sure to click through and set up a reminder through CoverItLive so you can be here for the jokes, the mild-recapping, the heartbreaking inevitability of tag team stories in World Wrestling Entertainment and more. Destiny returns as my co-host this week, and if all goes well we’ll also have Progressive Boink and SB Nation’s Bill Hanstock hanging around. Be here at 7:45 EST tonight!

Also, probably a sh*tload of Chocolate Wonderfall commercials.

A few notes about comments:

– Last week according to CoverItLive we had 4,029 comments during the show, so me not putting up your quip is not a purposeful diss. I’m trying to watch a show AND be entertaining, so if I miss your comments or approve the same person’s more than once I assure you it’s nothing personal, and I love that you’re here commenting anyway. Don’t get your feelings hurt! We’re sorta in charge of live-blogging and we can only multitask so much.

– Seriously, don’t be upset if your comments don’t show up. We appreciate them, and you being here.

– You are great. Stop being weird!

– (okay, that’s all)

The Live Best And Worst Of WWE Smackdown 12/9