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Yes, The Karate Kid Turned 50, You’re Old – Someone should make a prequel to the sequel that uses the same actors (and a CGI Pat Morita) to explain what happened between when Daniel won his trophy and that “live or die” stuff that went on in the parking lot. [Film Drunk]

‘Women Struggling To Drink Water’ Is The New ‘Women Laughing Alone With Salad’ – Further proof that we are pretty f**ked as a society, unless this is some sort of Mel Brooks tribute. [UPROXX]

A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: November 4th – Women in meticulously put-together Gamora costumes #cangetit [Gamma Squad]

PoV: Michael Jackson, The Crip – Study question: If the Internet and Twitter had been around when Michael Jackson released ‘Off The Wall’, would he have been able to survive it? Imagine if Bieber released a Justin Timberlake album today. [Smoking Section]

Louis C.K. Tells Conan That He’ll Sell His Next Comedy Special Online For $5 Via Paypal – I still feel weird whenever I see people refer to Louis as “white people” comedy, or say that you could only get it if you’re white. I feel like that’s the worst condemnation ever. Jeff Dunham is white people comedy, Louis C.K. is just a funny guy who is great at speaking. [UPROXX]

More Bill Murray Fan Art From Last Night’s “Please Post Bills” Exhibit – Needs more The Razor’s Edge and Cradle Will Rock related art. Dude was in more than Ghostbusters, people. [UPROXX]

“What Is a Threesome?” – “Something that makes your crazy girlfriend crazier and eventually ruins everything, but is super, super fun”, Alex. [Warming Glow]

The World’s Fastest Computer is Japanese, Kinda Scary – Like that guy in Kenya, but with magical powers. [Gamma Squad]

10 Nifty Google Easter Eggs That Will Amuse You – I don’t know why the “do a barrel roll” gag made me so happy, but it did. I’m going to give up blogging and just play Star Fox for a living. [Buzzfeed]

Adult Swim’s Internet Treasures – Hopefully “the JenniCam archives, complete with video of that time she had sex with her Chewbacca-ass boyfriend on cam” show up in here somewhere. I can’t be the only person googling for that every month, can I? [Adult Swim]

Kittens Take Over Classic Rock Album Covers – Yes, Internet, you’ll like this. [Popcrush]

Tim Burton Wanted Ray Liotta To Play Batman – He should’ve gotten Liotta to be Batman and Kevin Costner to be The Joker, then had Liotta throw batarangs right-handed and pissed everybody off. [FARK]

Taylor Lautner’s Senior Quote – This is a joke, but if the real one was anything less vague than “believe in yourself” I’ll sit down and watch all 15 Twilight movies right now. [High Definite]

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