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It's the second half of December, which means that all different kinds of media are looking back on 2007 and making "Best of" and "Worst of" lists.  I considered doing that myself, but it seems like a lot of effort to look back that far.  I mean, I barely remember what happened last weekend.  Though I suppose that's the other side of the coin when you enjoy ether as much as I do.

Anyway, one such year-end list that I enjoyed was Rolling Stone's Forty Reasons We Loved Television in '07, and it ranked Jake Brown's 40-foot fall at the X Games #29, which reminded me how fucking awesome it was to the extent that I decided to re-post it above.  I love it all: the eye-popping "I regret nothing!" free-fall, Tony Hawk's declaration that "I can't believe he made a 720!", and the eventual replays that show Brown's shoes popping off from the impact.  It is fucking glorious.

Other sports-related TV highlights, none of which I can disagree with: Gus Johnson at 12, "Ninja Warrior" at 24, and "Friday Night Lights" at 38. Also: #39: The fact that we are very, very far away from another season of ENTOURAGEAmen, Rolling Stone. AMEN.

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