The Best Of The First Annual Los Angeles Beard And Mustache Championships

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08.17.11 4 Comments

Just because we’ve previously covered the incredibly prestigious World Beard and Mustache Championships, we’re not opposed to covering facial hair contests on the regional circuit, especially when it’s for the betterment of the U.S. of A. On Sunday, the city of Los Angeles played host to its own inaugural Beard and Mustache Championships, and with it came a parade of hipster glory.
More than 100 competitors showed up to the Federal Bar in North Hollywood to display their flavor savers, but only 25 of them would walk away with honors. Unimpressed? The ladies sure weren’t.

The lip spinach wasn’t all that was in abundance in the crowd that organizers estimated climbed to nearly 300 over the course of the day — roughly half were females — assorted spouses, gal pals and a fair number of what appeared to be beard and mustache groupies, some sporting stick-on ‘staches, others with knit beards or temporary tonsorial tattoos or T-shirts that combined a heart-and-handlebar design. (L.A. Times)

Awards were given in the categories of Business Beard, Partial Beard, Mustache, Freestyle, and Full Beard, but I can’t focus on the winners until I point out a travesty. In the Partial Beard category, Robert Broski, a name that Jay Cutler would kill for, was awarded third place despite being an Abraham Lincoln impersonator. The only defense I could accept is that his presence was too unfair to the other competitors. Because in my America, Honest Abe never loses.
Enjoy the best of L.A.’s 1st Annual Beard and Mustache Championships after the jump.

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