The Best Of The Inaugural 2011 European Rabbit Hopping Championships

Back in May, I introduced the world of With Leather to the latest Swedish sport to win our hearts – Kaninhop. In case you don’t remember this Pulitzer Prize-winning post, Kaninhop is competitive rabbit hopping. That’s right, people train their rabbits to jump over obstacles. And before we could even finish trying to reach through our screens and rub those fuzzy widdle bunny wabbits, something remarkable happened – someone organized a world championship.

Last Sunday, the inaugural European Rabbit Hopping Championships were held in Wollerau, Switzerland, and mad bunny hops enthusiasts from across the motherland gathered to prove that their long-eared fluff balls were the best. In the end, the big winner was Lada Sipova-Krecova of the Czech Republic, marking the first time that someone from the Czech has won, well, anything. At least I’m guessing that. Maybe they won independence or something like that, but come on… rabbits.

(Images via Getty, hat tip to Buzzfeed.)