The Best Part About Winning The Heisman: Reading An Old Man’s Jokes

Heisman Trophy winner and Jay Pharaoh character Robert Griffin III showed up on ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ to read the “Top Ten Thoughts That Went Through Robert Griffin III’s Mind When He Won The Heisman Trophy” and hit almost every necessary comedic note — Tim Tebow loving Jesus, the Indianapolis Colts being terrible, Kim Kardashian being a gold digging succubus who already has way too much of her own gold and so on.

You can check out video of the appearance below. I found it on YouTube so you didn’t have to watch it on the 100 x 40 CBS video player, so watch it quickly.

As a blogger, I’m going to pretend I’m outraged at #4’s “would my teammates mind if I showered with the trophy” and associate it with Penn State, even if the more direct reference would’ve been “I will shower with the trophy, but I’ll only hold onto it by the leg”.

[h/t Dr. Saturday]