The Best Part Of NHL 13? Goring Sidney Crosby Into The Stands

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09.26.12 7 Comments

From the same tired, desperate-to-be-coding-Mortal-Kombat game developers who brought you “slide tackle glitch that makes soccer players into Liu Kang” comes the HERCULES GLITCH, a special assault that turns NHL 13’s standard body check into a monstrous attack that sends dudes flying into the stands. In this clip, we see Sidney Crosby get backdropped over the glass by Zdeno Chára. Well, it’s either Zdeno Chára, or the Bruins drafted Solomon Grundy.

Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy provides key suggestions for working through this glitch:

Suggestion for NHL 14: Smoke trails and a small explosion when they land in the stands. Oh, and if the game is in Philly or Boston, the player gets bludgeoned by the fans. This might also be a good place to have Mike Milbury as a secret character, with atomic shoe attack once you unlock him.

My suggestion: Make Zdeno the only person in the game who can execute the glitch, give him two extra arms and have him skate around in a loin cloth. Extra points if he can do a leaping stomp.

[h/t Sportress Of Blogitude]

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