The Best Part Of Soccer Is When Everybody Punches Everybody Else

I almost called it “Boom, Headshot”.

This clip (by way of Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post) teaches a valuable lesson — if you are brave enough to run out onto the grass at FedEx Field during a U.S./Brazil friendly and start knee-sliding around in front of 67,000 people, don’t expect the police to calmly waltz up and arrest you. The soccer guys are friendly, not the cops. The video title describes it as “MUST SEE POLICE BRUTALITY”, but it’s closer to “MUST HIT THIS GUY AS HARD AS I CAN BECAUSE FOR F**K’S SAKE WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP DOING THIS”.

As an added bonus, here are a few other fans at the game freaking the hell out and getting arrested. Apparently one of the women in the clip bit a police officer. The guy in the background yelling “DON’T TASE ME, BRO” is especially helpful.

This video works really well if you pretend it’s a deleted scene from [REC]. Just watch the soccer in peace, dummies.